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Air Conditioning

Four Seasons E-Catalog

Valve Core Quick Reference

Robinair Catalogs

A/C 101

A/C 101 Video

A/C Products at O'Reilly

A/C Pro Products

FAQ's about A/C

Basic Flow Chart

Troubleshooting A/C

Low Pressure Port Locator

O'Reilly Employee A/C Quiz

ASE Study Guides
Automotive Acronyms

Automotive Acronyms

Battery Basics
Two good reads: 1 - 2

Battery Chargers FAQ

Battery Tender FAQ

Golf Cart Info

Auxilary Battery Diagrams
Bearings and Seals

Technical Illustrations

Bearings By Size

Seals By Size

How Disc Brakes Work Video

How A Powerbrake Booster Works Video

Brake Fluid Info

Proportioning Valves 1 - 2

How To Choose The Best Big Brake Kit by EBC Brakes

Brake Hydraulic Theory
Three good reads: 1 - 2 - 3

Rear Caliper with Parking Brake Diagrams

Centric Brake Catalog

Carburetor ID

Two good reads and a Video:
FAQ - Owners Manual - Video

Ford Carb Number Decoding

Holley Videos

Holley Tech Docs

Ported Vs. Manifold Vacuum

Vacuum Explained: Manifold, Venturi & Ported

Rochester Carb Number Decoding

K & N Filter Facts

What Size Air Filter Do I Need? Size Calculator

K & N Filter by Size

Marine Carburetors

Three good reads: 1 - 2 - 3

Coolant OEM to Pentosin and Zerex

Conventional Vs. Synthetic Oil

CRC Industries (CRC, K & W, StaLube)

Loctite to Permatex Interchange

Lucas Oil



Octane Booster Review

Oil Viscosity Explained

Oil 101

O'reilly Lube Tech


Sta-Bil FAQ's

Turtle Wax
Dealer Part Sites

A/C Delco

Tasca Parts
Diagnostics and Tools

Catalyst Not Ready
Two good reads: 1 - 2

Understanding the Check Engine Light

What Does That Code Mean?

OBD 1 Codes
(Use OBD Dropdown)

Fuel Trim

Bosch Diagnotic Tools

Turbo Diagrams and Parts Lists

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Power Service Additives

Edge Products

EvoHT2 Videos 1 - 2

Evolution CS and CTS Video

Insight CS and CTS Video

Juice CS and CTS Video

Ford 6.0L Info

Ford 9" (They're Not All The Same)

Differential Identification Using Cover Plate

Pinion Nuts

Ford Differential Tag Decoding

Ford Axles by Code

History of the Limited-Slip

How a Differential Works (Video)

How a Differential Works
(from 1930)

Understanding Limited Slip (Video)

Gear Ratio To Tire Size Calculator

U-Joints By Size

Popular U-Joint Combinations

Driveshaft Education

Wire Diagrams

HEI Distributor Pickup Coil Test

How to use a Multimeter

Ignition System Basics

Testing For A Bad Ground
Two good reads and One Video: 1 - 2 - Video

Parasitic Draw Test Video

Test Ignition Coils

Understanding Automotive Relays

Amp to Gauge Charts 1 - 2

What does a Capacitor (Condenser) do?

Wire Size

Alternator Decouplers Explained

Mini Bulb Voltage Interchange

GM Alternater Amp Upgrade

Auxilary Battery Diagrams

EGR Valves:
Positive Backpressure
Negative Backpressure

EPA Emission Guides

Ford Emission Guides

A/F Ratio vs Oxygen Sensor

How an Oxygen Sensor Works

How A Catalytic Converter Works
Two Good Videos: 1 - 2 -

Compression and Vacuum

Chevy and Ford Starter Upgrades

Chrysler Alternator Upgrade


Torque Specs

SBC Casting Numbers

Various Hose

Felpro Gasket Material


Choosing a Converter - MagnaFlow

Exhaust Engineering - MagnaFlow

X-Pipe Vs. H-Pipe

Exhaust Theory and Myths
Three good reads: 1 - 2 - 3

How to Test a Catalytic Converter
Two good reads and a video: 1 - 2 - Video
Fuel Delivery

Injector Fuel Rates

Low Oil Pressure Automatic
Shutoff Made Easy

Marine Parts

Mercury Marine Parts

Marine Carburetors

Mallory Marine Catalog

Volvo Penta
Paint and Body

DupliColor (Paint Code)

Paint Codes

3M Products
PDF Catalogs

BWD Brand Products

Cometic Products

MSD Products

MSD Wiring Diagrams

Old Chevy and Ford Parts

Mallory Ignition

Mallory Marine

Monroe Size Chart

Standard Brand Products
RV Info

Manufacturers List

Wiper Blades
Spark Plugs

Accel Shorty Plugs

Anatomy of a Spark Plug

Spark Plug Tip Diagnosis

Autolite Tech Training

Ford Spark Plug Breakage

Ford Broken Spark Plug Removal

How to Read Spark Plugs

How to Read Spark Plugs (Video)
Steering and Suspension

P/S Fluid OE to Lubegard

P/S Fluid OE to Pentosin CHF11S

How a Steering Gear Works

Rebuilding a Steering Gear

Basic Saginaw Pump Info

Modifying Saginaw Pumps

P/S Fitting Identification

Saginaw Pump Exploded View

Basic Hydroboost System Diagram

Saginaw Pump Pressures

Monroe Size Chart

3M Products

Lisle Tools

Performance Tools

Airlift Products

Hopkins Adapters

Optronics Lighting

Reese Products

Popular Trailer Seal Chart

Bearing Buddy

Bearings By Size

Seals By Size

How To Measure Bolt Patterns

U Bolt Chart

How Automatic Transmissions Work

Solenoid Location and Ohm Specs

Torque Converter Video

Stall Speed
One video and one good read: 1 - 2

How Manual Transmissions Work

ATF OEM to Valvoline and Pentosin

MTF OEM to Valvoline and Pentosin

Valvoline ATF Chart

Valvoline MTF Chart

Lubegard Transmission Fluid Chart

How VTEC Works

VTEC Video

VTEC Solenoid Gaskets
VIN Decoding

VIN Decoder

1950-1980 VIN Decoder

Vin - Manufacturing Country

GM RPO Codes

VIN Code, What those numbers mean

Mustang Specs
O'reilly Auto Parts